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Comic Creators: We are always looking for awesome comics to feature in Webcomics Now!

Webcomics Now! is a free iOS app for discovery, reading, and sharing of webcomics. Publishing your comic on Webcomics Now! is free and easy. You retain all rights to your content. There is no exclusive distribution agreement. Webcomics Now! is an app-based publishing platform; it is simply an additional outlet for your creative work.

We want to help webcomic creators increase their readership. At Webcomics Now! we respect webcomic creators and their rights. We are signing up new comics all the time. Please consider joining.

Auto-Publish your comic on Webcomics Now!

  • New readers will discover your comic
  • Your content is yours - and it is displayed as-is
  • Your ad links, crowd-funding link, and store link will be accessible
  • Non-exclusivity: Provides an additional channel for your comic, in addition to browsers, RSS readers, etc
  • Users will be reminded on their device of your new content (driving return traffic)
  • You can opt-out at any time, for any reason
  • Auto-publishing on Webcomics Now! is free
  • Getting started is seriously easy!

What do we mean by "Auto-Publish"? Just this: Once you complete a simple form to setup your comic for auto-publishing in Webcomics Now!, you are done worrying about it. You create new comic pages; they show up in Webcomics Now! without you needing to do anything!

At Webcomics Now! we love comics and the creative folks who make them! Please join us.


For the cover image I recommend a size of 768x1024 (width x height).The app allows for variation in size but, especially on the iphone UI, more squarish sizes work better. For example, using a squat 728x90 banner as a cover image will not work well at all.

Your name:
Email address:
URL of your comic:
Credits for your comic:
Store URL, if any:
Your timezone:
Cover image URL (.png, .jpg, .jpeg, etc):
Campaign URL, if any:
Synopsis (up to 2000 characters):
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Alternately you can email us at Your email address will be kept confidential of course.

You do not need to "push" new pages to us or notify us when new pages are ready -- our custom webcomics page crawler will automatically pull new content as you create it. You can perform a one-time setup with Webcomics Now! and simply move on to what you love to do: creating new comic pages. Your new pages will appear in the app shortly after they are posted to your site. You can opt out at any time, and shortly thereafter your comic pages will no longer appear in the app.

What does Webcomics Now! get out of this?

A free version of the app will always be available, but someday there might also be a "pay" version. A "pay" version would justify its existence by providing additional features.

The free version of the app contains advertisements, but they will NEVER appear on the same screen as your webcomic page content.

Premium positioning on the "Features" page will one day be available for a fee. There will always be a portion of the "Features" page that is free of charge.

"Not Deceased" webcomic images are used with the permission of EPPE comics
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