If you love reading comics, you'll love the Webcomics Now! iOS app! There are so many great webcomics out there but it can be challenging to visit each site. Webcomics Now! makes it easy for you by bringing your favorite webcomics to your mobile phone.

  • Read your favorite webcomics on your iOS device, any time anywhere
  • Discover new comics by genre, title, or creator
  • Enjoy bookmarks that persist across all of your devices
  • Receive notifications when new pages are available
  • Share the comics that you love through social media

Binge on complete runs of these great comics! The full archive of each comic is available at your finger tips.

Keep current on your comics: Updates can appear as frequently as several times a day. Bookmark the comics that you want to follow.

Automatic data syncing: New comics will be added continually and appear in your app automatically. You don't need to update the app itself in order to receive new comics or pages.

Efficient: Comic pages are indexed for fast access but do not take up excessive space on your device. Only links to the comics are stored locally and not the actual image files.

Supports any device orientation; this means no struggling to rotate to a particular orientation to view the app upside-up.

At Webcomics Now! we love comics and the creative folks who make them! We fully respect comic creators and their rights. We present the creator's comic unaltered in it's intended form.



The start page of the app provides a list of "Featured Comics" as a suggested starting point for readers. Tapping on one of the features brings up the launch page for that comic.

New comics are added all of the time, so check back often for updates. Updates appear automatically but you can tug down on the featured list to force a refresh.

Launch Page

The launch page reveals the cover art, creator credits, story synopsis, and genres. From here you can start (or continue) reading that comic. The launch page also supports bookmarking the comic and visiting the comic's online store.

Comic Viewer

You read the comic in an embedded web browser, enhanced with optional navigation controls. The comic pages are fetched on-demand ensuring you the most up to date content. Webcomics Now! does not modify or obscure any of the page content -- see the comic as the creator intended.

Double tap on the comic image to zoom. Use gestures to scroll and zoom manually, as you would for any web page.

Comic Navigation

You can interact with the comic page content including navigation controls, zooming, scrolling, etc.

The app will provide its own navigation controls (e.g. next, previous, first, and last) for folks that are more comfortable navigating in that way.


When the last page has been read an "Outro" page appears, reminding you of the comic's cover and credits. This page also features links to the comic's crowd-funding campaign and web store.


The Webcomics Now! app allows you to "bookmark" your favorite comics, which means that you can continue reading from your previous stopping point. Notifications will appear on your device when new pages are available for bookmarked comics.

Your bookmarks are shared across all of your iOS devices, so you can start reading on your phone and later continue where you let off on your ipad


Discovering new comics is fun! A Search page helps you to find awesome new webcomics. You can search by title as well as browse the webcomics database by comic title, creator name, and genres. You can also see which comics have most recently had new pages published.